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Ocean View Lots / Houses

Just above the current 5 ocean view houses in Phase #1.

We have already started construction on the 1st house in Phase #2 of the ocean view houses.

We have 6 lots available for sale.  The lots are first come, first choice, all $49,000 USD.

The price for the lot, with a fully furnished house together will be a combined deal of $225,000.

All of the lots are ready to build on with building permits approved.  It is a gated, secure community and you will have access to the whole resort, including the restaurants, pools, skateboard park, tennis courts, hiking trails and everything else.

Make sure to view our free investors kit for the house design here.  You can have a house built on your land without even stepping foot in Nicaragua.

What's in the design?
  • Deals starting at only $10,000 USD down.

  • FAST title and permits to build.

  • 2 km hiking trail, tons of jungle, close to 2 beaches.

  • Access to all of the resorts amenities.

  • Gated and secure community.

  • Many other incentives in the sales contract, ask to see.

surf ranch popoyo big main.jpg

If you are interested in purchasing a lot, we accept bank transfer, PayPal or any type of Crypto Currency.  

You can view our FREE Investors Kit here.


If you would like to review a sales contract to see all of the exact details of this purchase, including HOA, what's included and all the benefits and incentives, email us at and we will send you the details.

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