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Guide for the area of Popoyo, Nicaragua

Popoyo and the surrounding area has been the fastest growing tourist destination in Nicaragua, located on the Emerald Coast.


There is a large and growing expat community, which frequent the variety of resorts, bars and beaches around and throughout Popoyo. Besides surfing, there are many of things to do and beaches to visit in the area.  There are also 2, 18 hole golf courses at 2 nearby resorts, there is a mini ramp for skateboarding located on the beach at another resort, there is a hidden hot springs, natural ocean pools and sailing and fishing tours. There is now a variety of malls, banking options and shops.

Below we have created an easy guide for you when visiting Popoyo, Guasacate and Astillero on your next adventure.



Dutchy's Deli

Viento Este Pizza

The Barrel Bar & Restaurant

Café Mediterráneo

Magnific Rock

Taberna 99

La Perla

Cafe Cerveza Popoyo

The Happy Coconut

Hotels & Hostels

Surf Ranch Popoyo

Hotel Teonoste

Hotel Hamacas


Playa Gavilan

Playa Guasacate

Playa Astillero

Cool things to do

Tide Pools

Iguanas Golf Course

Guacalito Golf Course

Costa Esmeralda Airport

Learn to Surf

Natural Hot Springs

Chacocente Nature Reserve

Horseback Riding

Surf Spots


Lance's Left

Astillero Rivermouth





Panga Drops




Plaza Riviera

Plaza Nahualapa

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